About UIT Institute


 UIT Institute was established post-COVID-19 to cope with the challenges created by this global pandemic. We were created with a goal in mind, to help people deal with the changes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the 21st Century.

As we know, our world is changing dramatically, indeed, individuals and institutions are increasingly becoming more and more aware of our changing environment, including the way we shop, do business, and train ourselves. This is the reason why the UIT Institute was created.

Based on the ongoing crisis and the new challenges faced every day, we have partnered with proven leaders and sources of channels in order to provide an easy-to-navigate e-learning platform.

Now, UIT Institute offers over 1500+ on-demand videos and courses exclusively to help you transition through these unprecedented times.

We are now a global leader in on-demand and Instructor-led training courses and certifications, specializing in Cybersecurity, IT Networking, Cloud Management, Software Development, Project Management, Business Skills, Softskills, and Office Productivity.  We provide the most up-to-date self-paced career courses and certifications through our video library.

We empower you with complete control over the E-Learning process. Learn via on-demand training videos whenever you want. With us, you will earn PDUs, CEUs, CPEs & Certificates of Completion.

UIT Institute will give you the freedom needed to succeed. We will help you disrupt the unknown in the 21st Century.


Proven On-Demand Video Learning: Our business partners have proven to learn solutions since 1999, providing students the finest video instructor lectures with the latest technological trends in content development and delivery to help create a unique learning experience.

- Proven Strategic Learning Partner: Our business partners have been chosen by the world's largest independent training organization, New Horizons Worldwide, as their official video learning content provider since 2008. The year 2012 marks 30 years of New Horizons delivering computer training to more than 30 million students worldwide. Today, New Horizons is the world's largest independent IT training company with 300 centers in 70 countries.

Authorized Certification Training Videos: All UIT Institute’s learning courses include official and authorized training videos from Mile2 and more.

Expert Video Trainers: We've gathered some of the best technology experts in the industry to pass their knowledge and expertise on to you in our video training.

Management Team: Our management team works tirelessly to bring you up-to-date, quality training, from conceptualization to release.

Testimonials: Our reputation speaks for itself! See what others are saying about UIT Institute training courses.