Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 3

Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 3


Course Overview

This ILT Series course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Access 2010: Intermediate.Students will learn how to query with SQL create crosstab, parameter, and action queries? create macros? import, export, and link database objects? interact with XML documents? create hyperlink fields? optimize, split, and back up databases? password­protect and encrypt databases? and set Access options and properties.

Unit 01 ­ Querying with SQL 

Topic A: SQL and Access

Sample SQL Statements

A Query in SQL View

Demo ­ A2: Examining a SQL Statement in Access

Topic B: Writing SQL Statements 

Writing a SQL Statement

Demo ­ B1: Writing a SQL SELECT Statement

Syntax for WHERE Clause  

Demo ­ B2: Using the WHERE Clause 

Demo ­ B3: Creating Aliases

Syntax to Display Matched Records 

Demo ­ B4: Displaying Matching Records from Related Tables 

Syntax to Display Unmatched Records
Demo ­ B5: Finding Unmatched Records 

Context­Sensitive Help 

Demo ­ B6: Getting Context­Sensitive Help on SQL

Topic C: Attaching SQL Queries to Controls

SQL­Specific Queries

Create a Union Query 

Attach a SQL Query to a Button

Command Button Wizard 

Demo ­ C1: Assigning a SQL Query to a Command Button

Unit 01 Review

Unit 02 ­ Advanced Queries

Topic A: Creating Crosstab Queries

A Crosstab Query Result

Demo ­ A­1: Viewing a Crosstab Query 

Create a Crosstab Query

The Crosstab Query Wizard
Demo ­ A­2: Using the Crosstab Query Wizard

Topic B: Creating Parameter Queries

Create a Single­Criterion Query
Demo ­ B1: Creating a Single­Criterion Parameter Query
Create a Multiple­Criteria Query
Demo ­ B2: Creating a Query with Multiple Parameters

Create a Wildcard Query
Demo ­ B3: Using a Wildcard in a Parameter Query

Topic C: Using Action Queries

Types of Action Queries

Use an Append Query
Demo ­ C1: Adding Records to a Table with an Append Query 

Use a Delete Query 

Demo ­ C2: Deleting Records with a Delete Query 

Use an Update Query 

Demo ­ C3: Modifying Records with an Update Query 

Use a Make Table Query 

Demo ­ C4: Creating a Make Table Query
Unit 02 Review

Unit 03 ­ Macros

Topic A: Creating, Running, and Modifying Macros

Sample Macro

The Macro Tools | Design Tab
Demo ­ A1: Creating and Running a Macro

Demo ­ A2: Modifying a Macro

Topic B: Attaching Macros to the Events of Database Objects

The Event Tab 

Demo ­ B1: Attaching a Macro to the Open Event of a Form

Attach Macro to Command Button

Demo ­ B2: Attaching a Macro to a Command Button
Unit 03 Review

Unit 04 ­ Advanced Macros

Topic A: Creating Macros to Provide User Interaction

Sample Macro with a Condition 

Create a Data Validation Macro 

Demo ­ A1: Creating a Data Validation Macro 

Create a Data Entry Macro
Demo ­ A2: Creating a Data Entry Macro

Topic B: Creating Macros that Require User Input

Macro to Run a Parameter Query 

Demo ­ B1: Creating a Macro that Runs a Parameter Query

Topic C: Creating AutoKeys and AutoExec Macros

The AutoKeys Macro
Demo ­ C1: Creating an AutoKeys Macro 

Create an AutoExec Macro

Demo ­ C2: Creating an AutoExec Macro

Topic D: Creating Macros for Data Transfer

The ImportExportData Action

Demo ­ D1: Importing a Database Object by Using a Macro 

Export Data to a Spreadsheet

Demo ­ D2: Exporting Data to a Spreadsheet by Using a Macro  

Unit 04 Review

Unit 05 ­ Importing, Exporting, and Linking 

Topic A: Importing Objects

Import Objects from a Database

The Import Objects Dialog Box 
Demo ­ A1: Importing Multiple Objects 

Import Objects from Excel

Demo ­ A2: Importing an Object from Excel

Manage Data Tasks

Demo ­ A3: Using a Saved Import Specification
Fixed Width vs. Delimited Format

Demo ­ A4: Importing a CSV File

Topic B: Exporting Objects

Export Objects from a Database 

The Export Table Dialog Box 

Demo ­ B1: Exporting an Object

Demo ­ B2: Using a Saved Export Specification

Topic C: Working with XML Documents

Export as XML 

The Export XML Dialog Box

The Import XML Dialog Box  

Demo ­ C1: Exporting and Importing XML Documents 
Export with an XSL File  

Demo ­ C2: Exporting to an XML Document with an XSL File
Publish as PDF or XPS 

Demo ­ C3: Saving a Table as an XPS File
Topic D: Linking Access Objects
Link a Table

Demo ­ D1: Linking to an Access Table  

Update a Link 

Linked Table Manager 

Demo ­ D2: Updating Links
Link to an Excel Workbook 

Demo ­ D3: Linking to an Excel Workbook

Topic E: Using Hyperlink Fields

Create a Hyperlink Field 

Demo ­ E1: Creating a Hyperlink Field 

The Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box 

Demo ­ E2: Inserting Data in a Hyperlink Field 

Modify Hyperlink Data
Demo ­ E3: Modifying Data in a Hyperlink Field
Unit 05 Review

Unit 06 ­ Database Management

Topic A: Optimizing Resources

Convert to a Prior Version 
Demo ­ A1: Converting a Database to a Prior Version 
The Performance Analyzer 

Performance Analyzer Results
Demo ­ A2: Analyzing Performance 
Split a Database
Demo ­ A3: Splitting a Database  

Compact and Repair a Database 

Demo ­ A4: Using the Compact and Repair Database Utility 

Back Up the Active Database  

Demo ­ A5: Backing up a Database

Topic B: Protecting Databases 

Encrypt and Password­Protect

Demo ­ B1: Encrypting a Database with a Password 

Remove Password and Encryption
Demo ­ B2: Removing a Password and Encryption 

Topic C: Setting Options and Properties 

The Access Options Dialog Box
Demo ­ C1: Setting Access Options 
Database Properties Dialog Box  

Demo ­ C2: Creating and Populating Database Properties 

Unit 06 Review

Course Closure

Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 3
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