Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 2

Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 2


Course Overview

This ILT Series course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Access 2010: Basic. Students will learn how to normalize data, manage table relationships, and enforce referential integrity? work with Lookup fields and subdatasheets? create join queries, calculated fields, and summary values? add objects to forms and create advanced form types? print reports and labels? create and modify charts? and use PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Unit 01 ­ Relational Databases

Topic A: Database Normalization


Steps to Normalize: Rule 1

Steps to Normalize: Rule 2 

Steps to Normalize: Rule 3

Demo ­ A­3: Using the Table Analyzer

Demo ­ A­4: Identifying Object Dependencies

Topic B: Table Relationships

Establishing  Relationships

The Relationships Window

Demo ­ B­1: Establishing a One­to­One Table Relationship

One­to­Many Relationship

Demo ­ B­2: Establishing a One­to­Many Table Relationship

Junction Tables

Many­to­Many with Junction

Demo ­ B­3: Establishing a Many­to­Many Table Relationship

Printing Table Relationships

Demo ­ B­4: Printing Table Relationships 

Topic C: Referential Integrity

Referential Integrity

Demo ­ C­1: Planning Table Relationships 

Orphan Records

Demo ­ C­2: Working with Orphan Records 

Using Cascading Deletes

Demo ­ C­3: Setting Cascading Deletes

Testing Cascading Deletes

Demo ­ C­4: Testing Cascading Deletes

Cascading Updates

Demo ­ C­5: Using Cascading Updates

Unit 01 Review 

Unit 02 ­ Related Tables

Topic A: Creating Lookup Fields

Lookup Field

Creating a Lookup Field

Demo ­ A­1: Creating a Lookup Field

Multivalued Fields

A Multivalued Lookup Column

Demo ­ A­2: Creating a Multivalued Lookup Field

Topic B: Modifying Lookup Fields

Display Column Headings

Demo ­ B­1: Modifying Lookup Field Properties 

Types of Controls

Using a Value List Combo Box

Demo ­ B­2: Changing a Text Box to a Combo Box

Topic C: Using Subdatasheets

A Subdatasheet 

Inserting a Subdatasheet

Demo ­ C­1: Using a Subdatasheet 

Unit 02 Review

Unit 03 ­ Complex Queries

Topic A: Joining Tables in Queries


Query Wizard

Creating a Query

Demo ­ A­1: Creating a Query with the Simple Query Wizard

Creating Joins in Design View

Demo ­ A­2: Creating a Join in Design View

Creating Outer Joins

Demo ­ A­3: Creating an Outer Join

Joins with an Intermediate Table

Demo ­ A­4: Creating a Join with an Intermediate Table

Creating a Self­Join Query

Demo ­ A­5: Creating a Self­Join Query 

Finding Unmatched Records

Demo ­ A­6: Finding Records that Do Not Match Between Tables

Finding Duplicate Records

Demo ­ A­7: Finding Duplicate Records
Demo ­ A­8: Deleting Tables from a Query 

Topic B: Using Calculated Fields

Syntax for Calculated Fields

Creating Calculated Fields

Demo ­ B­1: Creating a Calculated Field

Modifying Formats

Demo ­ B­2: Changing the Format of a Displayed Value

The Expression Builder

Specifying Criteria

Demo ­ B­3: Using the Expression Builder

Topic C: Summarizing and Grouping Values

Summary Functions in Queries

Demo ­ C­1: Creating a Query to Display Summary Values 


Demo ­ C­2: Using Queries to Concatenate Values

Unit 03 Review

Unit 04 ­  Advanced Form Design    

Topic A: Adding Unbound Controls

Unbound Controls

Drawing a Rectangle on a Form

Demo ­ A­1: Drawing a Rectangle Around a Control

Changing the Tab Order

Demo ­ A­2: Changing the Tab Order

Creating a Grouped Control

Demo ­ A­3: Grouping Controls

Topic B: Adding Graphics

Add a Graphic to a Form

Demo ­ B­1: Adding a Graphic to a Form 

Use an Unbound Object Frame

Demo ­ B­2: Embedding a Graphic in an Unbound Object Frame

Topic C: Adding Calculated Values

Bind Controls to Calculated Fields

Demo ­ C­1: Binding a Control to a Calculated Field 

Create a Calculated Control

Align Controls on a Form

Demo ­ C­2: Creating a Calculated Control

Topic D: Adding Combo Boxes

Add a Combo Box to a Form

Demo ­ D­1: Adding a Combo Box to a Form 

Modify Combo Box Properties

Demo ­ D­2: Modifying the Properties of a Combo Box

Topic E: Advanced Form Types

Create a Multiple­item Form

Demo ­ E­1: Creating a Multiple­Item Form 

A Split Form

Demo ­ E­2: Creating a Split Form

A Datasheet Form

Demo ­ E­3: Creating a Datasheet Form 

A Form and Subform

Demo ­ E­4: Creating a Subform 

Unit 04 Review

Unit 05 ­  Reports and Printing

Topic A: Customized Headers and Footers

Report Header

Add a Report Header

Demo ­ A­1: Adding a Report Header

Report Footer

Demo ­ A­2: Adding a Report Footer 

New Formatting Rule Dialog Box
Demo ­ A­3: Applying Conditional Formatting 

Set the Keep Together Property

Demo ­ A­4: Keeping Parts of a Report on the Same Page

The Group, Sort, and Total Pane

Demo ­ A­5: Adding Controls to Group Footers 

Force a New Page

Demo ­ A­6: Forcing a New Page

Topic B: Calculated  Values

The DateDiff Function

Using the DateDiff Function

Demo ­ B­1: Working with the DateDiff Function

The IIf Function

Demo ­ B­2: Using the IIf Function

Topic C: Printing

Printing a Database Object 

Demo ­ C­1: Printing a Table 

Using the Database Documenter

Demo ­ C­2: Printing a Database Document

Topic D: Labels

Using the Label Wizard

Labels in Print Preview

Demo ­ D­1: Creating Labels 

Unit 05 Review

Unit 06 ­ Charts

Topic A: Charts in Forms 

Adding a Chart to a Form

Chart Types

Demo ­ A­1: Creating a Chart in a Form

Naming the X­ and Y­axes

Demo ­ A­2: Modifying a Chart in a Form

Topic B: Charts in Reports

Charts in Reports

Demo ­ B­1: Adding a Chart to a Report

Format a Chart Item

The Chart Type Dialog Box

Demo ­ B­2: Modifying Charts in Reports

Unit 06 Review

Unit 07 ­  PivotTables and PivotCharts

Topic A: PivotTables

PivotTable  View

Drop Areas

Demo ­ A­1: Examining PivotTable View

Add Fields to a PivotTable

Demo ­ A­2: Adding Fields to a PivotTable

Topic B: Modifying PivotTables

Summarize Data

Demo ­ B­1: Creating Totals

Move Fields in a PivotTable
Demo ­ B­2: Moving Fields in a PivotTable

Hide or Show Details

Demo ­ B­3: Showing and Hiding Details in a PivotTable

Change Field Settings

Demo ­ B­4: Formatting Fields

Topic C: PivotCharts

PivotChart Field Mapping

A PivotChart

Demo ­ C­1: Creating a PivotChart 

Topic D: PivotTable Forms

Create a PivotTable Form

Demo ­ D­1: Creating a PivotTable Form

Unit 07 Review

Course Closure

Microsoft Office 2010 Access - Part 2
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